Confined Spaces


Incidents in Confined spaces are even today the cause for many fatal accidents and injuries. Confined spaces injuries are considered to be some of the most serious incidents in the industry; for this reason, there is a great attention given to safe confined space entry.

Incident investigations reveal that workers often do not recognize or anticipate the unforeseen hazards. This course is designed to give a sound understanding of the requirements for confined space entry.

Learning Outcomes:

Types of Confined Space and Classifications.
• Enclosed Space Entry Procedures.
• Types and importance of ventilation.
• Atmosphere testing and monitoring.
• Space preparation for entry.
• Rescue arrangements and resuscitation equipment at the entrance.
• Supervisory control and experienced person in attendance at the entrance.
• Communication arrangements between the supervisor and entrants.
• Safe access and illumination.
• Personal protective equipment.
• Permit to Work.
• Training requirements for Confined Space Entry.
• Emergency Drills.
• Actions by Emergency Rescue Team in the event of an emergency.