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About Course

Lifting and Supporting Loads e-learning course will educate the trainee on how to work safely and follow safe systems of work while working at heights.


A lifting operation is an operation concerned with the lifting and lowering of a load. A load is the item or items being lifted which could include a person or people. A lifting operation may be performed manually or using lifting equipment. Manual lifting, holding, putting down, carrying or moving is often referred to as ‘manual handling of loads’.
Lifting operations in construction occur during transportation of material from the storage place to the place where it is being processed, and during the processing of materials. A load includes any material or people that are lifted or lowered by lifting equipment.

Learning Modules:

  •  Crane Types and Classifications.
  •  Types, Selection, and Use of Rigging Material, Rigging Material Inspection and storage.
  •  Hazard Recognition and Recognize the key risks associated with using lifting equipment.
  •  Lifting plan and selecting the equipment.
  •  Identify ways of reducing the risks when using lifting equipment.
  •  Safe method of lifting, Crane Components and Setup, Load Movement and Hoisting.
  •  Risk Assessment of Lifting operations.
  •  Identify key duties, responsibilities and Employer Responsibilities.
  •  Working around overhead power cables.
  •  Maintenance and inspection of Lifting equipment and Gears.
  •  Prohibited and Unsafe Behaviors.


The course has been prepared in accordance to guidelines and standards prevalent in India and abroad


The online assessment is taken on completion of the training material. You will be asked 20 multiple choice questions with a pass mark of 80%. The answers are marked automatically so that you’ll instantly know whether you passed. If you don’t pass don’t worry! You can take the test as many times as you need with no extra charge.


On successful completion of the course you will receive a quality assured certificate. This can be used to provide evidence for compliance and audit.

Topics for this course

28 Lessons

Introduction to Lifting Operation and Supporting Loads.

Lifting operations

Types of Lifting equipment

Types of Lifting accessories / Gears

Storage of Lifting Accessories and Gears

Roles of People Involved in Lifting operations

Hazards in Lifting operations

Importance of Lifting Plan and Selecting Lifting Equipment

Planning Indivisual Lifting Operations

Safe Methods of Lifting

Risk Assessment of Lifting Operations

Maintenance and Inspection of Lifting Equipment and Gears

Prohibited and Unsafe Behaviors

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Target Audience

  • Lifting Supervisors, Riggers and Slingers, Site Engineers, Crane Operators, Construction Managers