An Introduction to HAZOP

  • Course level: Intermediate


Hazop study is a careful review of a process or operation in a systematic fashion to determine whether deviations from the design or operational intent can lead to undesirable consequence. And the objective of such a study is to identify the hazard and operability problems and to reduce the probability and consequences of an incident in the process facilities that would have a detrimental impact to the personnel, plant, properties and environment.

The E-Learning training course provides you the brief understanding of HAZOP Study & Procedures, Variations, Team Forming, Limitations and More.


What Will I Learn?

  • Details - HAZOP Study Procedure

Topics for this course

37 Lessons

Introduction – HAZOP

HAZOP – Overview
HAZOP – Origin & Development
HAZOP Objectives
HAZOP – Usage
HOW & WHEN is a HAZOP carried out ?

Introduction -HAZOP Study Procedure

Details – HAZOP Study Procedure

HAZOP – Variations

HAZOP Limitations

How to Manage HAZOP



  • All Learner's should have reasonably good understanding on basic requirements of process safety. Knowledge of English is essential.

Target Audience

  • HSE Managers
  • Safety Officers
  • Engineers