Diploma in Fire Engineering & Safety Management

  • Course level: Intermediate


Course Name : Diploma in Fire Engineering &  Safety Management 

Course Duration : One Year 


Diploma in Fire Engineering and Safety Management is a program that has been designed to enable individuals to demonstrate a wide range of critical knowledge and understanding relevant to a number of fire professional roles such as Fire Safety Manager in the Fire and Rescue Service Dept, Fire Safety specialist and Fire Investigation specialist. It focuses on the understanding of fire engineering science and safety that individuals need in order to assess buildings and to respond to diverse hazards and incidents.

The qualification essentially meets the below requirements:
1. Those employed in fire and rescue service roles across the world, particularly those who are either already in as a Watch Manager or equivalent roles (or) those who wish to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding the relevance of the role of Watch Manager in preparation for promotion to this role.

2. Those operating in specialist fire and rescue contexts such as aviation or fire prevention/fire safety audit roles who need to develop and apply a wide range of knowledge and understanding in their role.

3. Other fire professionals who wish to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of fire science, fire safety and other specialist areas.

Course Materials
You can avail the material of International Standard published by MAKK. These materials will be available in your Student Account and can be accessed online.


Successful candidates will get the certificate within 30 days (from the result announcement date). Certificate & Mark List will be issued from Central Board of Examination National Council of Vocational and Technical Education, Approved by MHRD, Govt Of India.

Topics for this course

5 Lessons

FSS013-01 Communication English & Computer Fundamentals ( MS Office )

FSS013-05 Accident Prevention & Risk Management

FSS013-06 Fire Hydraulics & Fire Loss Control

FSS013-07 Safety In Electrical System

FSS013-08 Safety & Prevention In Chemical / Petro Chemical

FSS013-09 Fire Prevention And Control